VU Elections

Every year in April, the VU holds their annual student council elections where students can cast a vote for the candidate student they believe represents their interests best. As SRVU we submit our candidacy list in support of SRVU party members to represent our Union in student participation bodies around the VU.

Elected party members become part of the SRVU party fraction and represent the Union in the USR and FSRs.

Fraction Members

As of this year, we have 3 active fraction members to represent the interests of the SRVU union in different councils.

Suvarn Nagan
General Member
USR 2023 – 2024

“Hey y’all, I’m Suvarn a general member of the USR! As a general member, I work on a number of portfolios in the committees of Education & Research and Communication, which is great for working towards pushing for a more inclusive VU whether it be holding the Uni accountable or pushing for better practices. Running through the SRVU helped me connect with the organisation who most aligned with my ideals and thus a group I could work with through the year! ✊🏽”

Pahal Agrawal
Head of Education
FSR BETA 2023 – 2024

“Hey there, I’m Pahal, a proud member of FSR BETA! As Head of Education, I’m deeply involved in various portfolios, particularly focusing on Education & Wellbeing as well as Sustainability. It’s truly fulfilling to contribute towards fostering a better university. From activating education to improving student life, I love working with people who have similar ideals, which is why I ran with SRVU. SRVU is a community of dedicated individuals constantly working towards making a difference, and I’m happy to be a part of this union! I’m looking forward to what we can achieve together.”

Sanne Valkink
FSR HUM 2023 – 2024

“I’m Sanne and I’m currently in the FSR humanities and part of the SRVU fraction. Being part of SRVU means getting to know all these wonderful, like-minded people. People who don’t just sit around and complain about the injustices in the world, but people who speak up, who uplift each other and show serious commitment to the cause. I’m excited for this year to make sure students are properly represented and that no one is left out, because the university should be a safe space to all of us.”

VU Elections 2024

As the annual student council elections approach, we find it important to sufficiently inform our members.

What are the VU Student Council Elections?

The VU elections are a chance for students to run for a spot on the university student council (USR) or their respected faculty student councils (FSR) and vote for student candidates who will represent them and their interests in the coming year through these councils. You can vote through Webelect for which you will receive an E-mail on Outlook with voting rights and a link to cast your ballot. All enrolled students of the VU are eligible to vote except for Pre-masters and Exchange students.

How can I join the VU Student Council Elections?

Should you meet the qualifications of being an enrolled VU student (who is not from a Pre-masters or Exchange) then you can join the elections in one of the following ways.

To participate in the elections you must submit a candidacy list with a sufficient amount of nominees to the elections committee. If you aim to run for the USR you need at least 15 nominee signatures, for the FSRs you need at least 5 nominee signatures. Should you run with a party, such as SRVU, then the party should take care of this for you.

How can I join the SRVU party?

To join our party you simply need to be an SRVU member and submit your CV and Motivation letter to by the 3rd of March at 23:59 latest. We will invite you for an interview and further determine your eligibility for our party list.

Why should I join the SRVU party?

Not only are we the oldest established party with an extensive network built in the last 77 years, but we also have a high success rate of dominating elected candidates and experience to lead you through your campaign.

Additionally, we represent both Dutch and International student (and human) rights through activism, student participation and representation through our extensive network.

We also actively work on these topics throughout the year:


  • Physically accessible campus and classrooms
  • Study space and classroom capacity
  • Quality and Refined education
  • Career Opportunities and Development
  • Accessible education and learning support


  • Accessible student support and care
  • Create and facilitate safe spaces for everyone
  • Free menstrual products
  • Mental health support and resources
  • Social Safety and Security


  • Reuse, Recycle and Repair
  • Reduce consumption and waste production
  • Value common areas and green spaces
  • Sharing best practices and learning from each other
  • Spending less, Conserving more


  • Housing is a human right, not a market
  • Demand for more student housing
  • Protect Tenants rights
  • Affordable student housing
  • In support of more shared housing


  • Anti-discrimination
  • Solidarity with oppressed groups
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Democratization of education
  • Equitable university


  • Representation in student councils
  • Participation in student life
  • Support of student initiatives, projects and ideas
  • Promoting our student party
  • Connecting with our party fraction

You may recognise us from services like the (red) free menstrual product cabinets, increased housing articles on Ad Valvas, Free Legal Aid, sustainable clothing exchange and many more. If you would like to find out more, do not hesitate to drop by our office in the StudentenD0k at 0D-05 between 09:00 – 17:00.

Apply for the SRVU party

So this year, like every other, we call for SRVU members to run with our party for the student council elections of 2024! Are you:

  • Passionate about the interests of students?
  • Interested in amplifying student voices?
  • A Leader?
  • A Student?
  • A Teamplayer?

Then be sure to apply with us by sending your CV and Motivation letter to by the 3rd of March at 23:59 latest! We look forward to meeting you.