We are looking for you!

Do you have what it takes to stand up for the interests of VU students for a year? Do you want to commit yourself to high-quality education, affordable housing, the effects of the loan system and deteriorating mental health? Then a board year at SRVU is really something for you!


What is SRVU?

SRVU informs, joins the discussion and participates in activism. The student union has been committed to housing, welfare and education for VU students since 1947. As a board member you organize protests and events, you enter into dialogue with various local and national parties and you oversee everything that happens within SRVU.

In addition to campaigning, SRVU is the spider in the web in the VU studentdok. SRVU connects study associations, supports student initiatives and promotes an active student life.

SRVU also offers a number of services. For example, we help students with all their questions through our student desk, we provide students with free legal assistance, we have a exchange market and a menstrual cabinet.

What does SRVU offer you?

  • Development on job-specific tasks (e.g. contact with media or leadership)
  • Learning about education policy, housing and welfare, among other things
  • Collaborating with board members and working on a vision
  • Being able to make a difference for students on a local and national level
  • Expand your network enormously, both within the VU, locally and nationally
  • A cozy, permanent working environment in the Studentendok
  • A board grant (profileringsfonds)

What do you offer SRVU?

  • You are eager to learn, work hard and know how to deal with criticism (give and take).
  • Availability between 8-10 am
  • You are involved in student life and education, and you want to work for the interests of students.
  • Switching quickly and keeping an overview are no problem for you.
  • You work well in a team, but you are also not afraid to take matters into your own hands and find your own way.


How can you apply?

To apply, send an email to by May 14 at the latest . In this email, put the following things:

  • A letter of application stating the reason for applying, something about yourself and your experience, and what makes you a suitable candidate.
  • (Optional) A motivation for your preferred position – general board member, chairman, vice-chairman, secretary or treasurer.
  • Your resume

Would you like to know more about the time investment and the application period? For more information about a board year and job profiles, check our website ( For further questions; send us a message via instagram dm or email!


Click here for this information in a Word document.

Board Discriptions

Like in any board, there are different roles, and there are different portfolio’s.
To know more about the different roles and portfolio’s, you can take a look at this document (PDF).

And, as always, don’t hesitate us to send us an email or slide into our dm’s for more information!