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On May 4th, we do not commemorate nazi’s

This plaque is meant to remember the victims of the Second World war. Nevertheless, the name of a collaborator, who was part of the NSB party, is on it (Johan Heinsius), as Ad Valvas recently reported (as shown by research from the Historisch Documentatiecentrum voor het Nederlands Protestantisme). With liberation day coming up, we want

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SRVU seeks board ’22-’23

The SRVU student union is looking for a new board! In the past year, SRVU has worked hard to defend student rights; for example, we campaigned against the loan system, for more student housing, and against physical attendance requirements during a pandemic, we discussed the Amsterdam housing market with the municipality, provided legal aid, provided

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Become a student councilor!

We are looking for new USR and FSR members! What is the USR? The University Student Council (USR) consists of eleven students who commit themselves for a year to let the students’ opinions be heard in the policies that are implemented at the VU. For example, you have a say in the annual budget of

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